A discussion on the benefit and redundancy of AWS App Runner’s multiple options to run containers.

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The Duck Bill group recently did a post titled “17 Ways to Run Containers in AWS”, gently poking fun at the number of similar ways to run containers in AWS.

They’re not wrong — there’s a lot of overlap. And some of it may be unnecessary, some of the 17…

A guide on streamlining the process of building an application in AWS.

Even though the picture sounds rosy this is a really intimidating statement. The number of different combinations of services in AWS is staggering, and it’s hard to know where to start if you’re creating something from scratch. You’ll have to answer questions like:

  1. Should I use a serverless platform or…

It’s hard to explain why but I find it delightful to contort powershell into new environments and use cases it really, really doesn’t seem to make much sense. A few of my favorites are linux docker containers, modularized and unit testable applications, and AWS Lambda functions.

Today I’m trying a…

If you’re a powershell fan you’re probably familiar with Invoke-WebRequest. It’s the powershell version of cURL in that it will send an HTTP request to an endpoint and show you the response.

Personally I prefer powershell for parsing and interacting with the response (I find it easier interact with the…

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